The best period to purchase a property in Italy

Have you ever thought how attractive Liguria is, a so-called flower paradise of Italy. Thanks to mountain ranges of Italian Alps, which become a natural wall and provide excellent protection, these places are famous for their mild climate. There isn’t intense cold in the winter or exhausting heat in the summer time in Liguria. Imagine how beautiful colours of nature together with an amazing landscape make this place unforgettable spot on the map.

Italy as a phenomenon 

Love for Italy doesn’t appear because of its unique nature or comfort climate conditions. It would not be enough. This phenomenon lays in something different.

At the time when other countries took part in a race for innovative technology and low-cost labour, Italy placed a priority on development of its own ideas of chic and individual style. So during the last century Italy has become a leader in industrial design, architecture and fashion.

Thus Italians reflect their individual style on their “ability to live". That is why they were able to apply nature’s potential to increase the beauty of their traditional architecture. All of these make Italy an ideal place for holiday stays and purchasing a property among our compatriots.

Why is it worth it to purchase a property in Italy.

Today we are presenting  some arguments for a purchase of Italian property.

  1. There is perhaps no surprise that Italian property, especially those in a resort area, for example in Liguria, is an excellent investment. Even if you are not going to live there, we will find a tenant for you and will lease your Italian property for a decent price. Renting fee is quite high in such a places, so your property very soon will cover the expenses in full, and after a while will bring a steady income.
  2. If you purchase a property during the winter season in a resort area, its price will increase in the summer time and you will have a chance to sell it much more expensive.
  3. People had come and will come on Italian Riviera for holidays and for purchasing a property at all times. Italian economics is on the 3rd place in EU’s stability range, so the Italian property, particularly in the northern regions, is a profitable investment. 
  4. We want to announce the joyful news to those travellers who can’t live without Italy. You can make your dream come true and purchase your own apartment or house, because property prices in some areas are even lower than in Russian cities.
  5. Another solid reason to purchase a property in Italy is that Italy can be quite favourable place for running your own business. Government politics promotes rapid development and growth of private enterprise. Those who want to become successful businesspeople shouldn’t wait any longer, because it is more than possible to buy ready-made business there too.


These are not the finished list of arguments for an investment in Italian property market. To those who have thought about purchasing a property we strongly recommend not to waste your time, but do it now. 


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