Reliable investment in Italian property

To invest in a property has always been a reliable way of investment, saving money and financial growth. It is well-known that there are different types of investment, such as highly profitable, profitable and not very profitable. Highly profitable investment is in return highly risky, but in the time of crisis we are living in nobody wants to take a risk and lose their funding. The least risky investment always was and still is property. Property in Italy apart of being riskless can also provide its owners with fixed return from leasing or quite profitable onward sale. 

Property in Italy is a profitable investment

For a long time investments in Italian property has been proved one’s worth as most reliable and least risky. It is caused by growth dynamics in a property market in such developed countries as Italy. So all your investments in Italian property can be considered promising. One of the main reason in favour of buying a flat, an apartment or a house in Italy is stable government system, which provides  safety of income and capital gain. Other positive facts include a simplified system for obtaining an Italian visa, which does not require an invitation and hotel reservation from the host, as well as possible getting a residence permit. Property price depends on its location. You can make a purchase with a minimal immersion of € 30 000.

The most expensive property in Italy are villas and houses located in a resort areas by the sea, thus southern part of the country is much more expensive than the northern one.

Executing Italian property into ownership

You can get a refund of your Italian property investment in 10 years. Although executing process is simplified to the minimum. The process consists of several steps:

  1. You have to sign a draft contract of buying the property describing the property, its price, dates of payments, legal addresses of the parties, date of a contract, and other required conditions.
  2. Your first payment should be made in advance in the amount of 5 up to 15%.
  3. The parties sign the contract before a notary and settle a transaction.
  4. Final step is to register the contract in the relevant registration authorities of the country. Within 40-days period you become an owner of sale and purchase contract where all the registration marks have been done. 

On the date of executing the purchase you will get notified copy of the contract. Taking into consideration all the above mentioned facts, purchasing a flat, an apartment or a house in Italy is doubtless very promising and reliable investment.

Undeniable advantage of purchasing a villa in Italy

Almost all Italian villas combine noble architecture and stunning, picturesque landscapes. The most popular areas for purchasing a villa in Italy are Liguria and Tuscany, but the area of Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and surrounding of Milan and Rome are worth visiting too. These regions traditionally offer luxury villas for sale, which can be called masterpieces of architecture. The main advantage of purchasing house or a luxury villa is that Italian property market is very stable compare to Spain or Greece, which property markets are crisis-prone and show nothing that could attract investors there. That is why the interest of foreign investors to the Italian villas is skyrocketing.

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