Property in Sirmione

Areas surrounded by Lake Garda are definitely one of the most favourite places for Italian property investors. Numerous thermal springs and beautiful landscapes make this place a natural resort for healing the body and the soul. If you at least once have seen an amazing sunset in Sirmione and have breathed a unique smell of water and pines there, you will not ask any longer where in Italy you should  buy a property. You will never want to leave or go home from this place. And now you have this opportunity. You just need to buy a property in Sirmione and your dream will come true. Property prices in Sirmione nowadays are quite affordable even for middle class, not to speak about wealthy people. If you decide to move in Sirmione and sell your flat in Moscow, you will be able to buy a luxury property close to Lake Garda in this area.

So why do Russians buy a property in Sirmione on Lake Garda? Sirmione is a famous resort town located on the peninsula covered with mixed forest. Its population is only 500 people. There is an ancient fort which had to protect the town, modern vehicles can’t go through it, there is not enough space. You can enjoy bathing in a thermal spring which waters have healing and anti-aging properties. Besides, you can revel in fresh mountain air. Nobody can resist tempting and appetising smell of fried fish wafting from the local cozy restaurant. A big carp and the same size fresh salad, a couple of glasses of local wine Franciacorta, made by special recipe, will turn your dinner into a medieval feast.

This town is located in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy and takes up a peninsula which enters Lake Garda from the south. The town became a favourite resort for rich families since Roman empire period. Lots of famous and wealthy Italians had villas there. Thus Maria Callas’s country house was in Sirmione. In the beginning of the last century a thermal spring was found there. Today, Sirmione’s spa is an oasis of health and beauty. There are 2 modern spa complexes named after two great poets, Catullus and Vergil. Sirmione Spa Hotels are the best hotels in town. Holidays here since long before considered as very prestigious and luxurious. Needless to say how wonderful it can be to have a property here. It is a nice town with lots of welcoming restaurants, cosy bars with live music, night clubs, numerous tours to mysterious Verona, hospitable Padua, fantastic Milan, modern water parks, with lots of entertainment for everyone. You can go boating, surfing or water skiing or enjoy mountain walks or rides, take rock climbing lessons, become a golf club member, improve your skills in tennis or other sports in this wonderful corner of Italy.

Our Italian estate agency can help you to become an owner of one of the amazing local houses or villas, new flats or cosy apartments. Those who want to buy a villa or a construction site close to Lake Garda can find lots of items in real property database. You can chose them by required characteristics and photos. If you can’t find an appropriate housing on our website, please contact our Russian-speaking staff or leave your request and they will find an appropriate accommodation asap. For your convenience we have develop our catalogue in a very simple way, thus you have the opportunity to compare numerous options and differentiate them by price, location and popularity. 


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