Holding company Grand Milano Studio starts to receive bids for purchasing a property at auctions. The advantage of purchasing a property at auctions is significantly low price of the property and saving on notary costs. To apply for the auction it is necessary to have tax reference number and a bank account. It will be necessary to withdraw a deposit from this account for participating in an auction. Our company provides this service. Participating in the auction also requires to use our lawyer’s services. It is possible to find the most interesting residential and commercial real estate properties. We are looking forward to see you in our office in Milan to fill in an application form and to sign some documents with our lawyers.

You can send your request to order@grandmilanostudio.com

One of the main tasks of Grand Milano Studio is to provide real estate services abroad. We try to find the most interesting and suitable options for our clients and to agree upon sale conditions.

A serious approach to work and interaction of all parts of the Holding provide the fullest service to our clients. We have experts in every field to provide full package of services. We are proud to complement each other, but not to compete. Our Holding consists of Italian and Russian companies which all have a huge work experience in real estate market.

Due to our warm relationships with real estate developer, property owners and agencies we can provide you with a various options at best prices. Our staff permanently live in Europe and are familiar with all features of local real estate market. Besides, they have got a special training and passed a state exam to be able to work in real estate business. So you don’t have to run from one agency to another, negotiate about viewing the property and then pay a commission to an Italian agency. Living in Italy we can easily do it instead of you and our commission is the same as a commission of any other local real estate agency. Doing it yourself you risk not to save, but rather spend much more time and money, and do not completely understand what you have eventually been sold. There is such a type of property as “nuda proprietà” in Italy. In fact, the property owner can sell his property but keep the right of life-long residence and you will have to pay all home repair and water costs, etc. while not even living a day in this house.

Holding company Grand Milano Studio will help you not to get lost in a real estate market of Italy, France, Switzerland and Monaco and to choose what you really wanted. Besides, once the property was bought lots of current questions may appear. To get the answers to some of them it is easier to ask Russian speaking agents. We can help you to repair your property and to furnish it at prices of Italian furniture companies. We cooperate with some Italian architect bureau, legal agencies, notaries, accountants and banks.

If necessary, transport and translation services may be organised for viewing the property. We can provide our clients coming to Milan with a hotels discount.

If you can’t find your dream home in our database, you can send us a request by filling in the form below, and we will definitely find it for you.